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What We Believe

  • Patient care is improved with an advocate who will speak up on behalf of their best interest.
  • Patients are entitled to care that respects their personal dignity.
  • Patients deserve to be seen as a unique individual, not only as a medical problem to be solved.
  • Patients benefit from care that provides compassion, support and understanding.

Patient Matters Offers 2 Plans to Meet Your Changing Needs:

Care Plan One: Bedside Assistance

Care Plan One

Bedside Assistance

  • Offer undivided attention, empathetic companionship and emotional support.
  • Communicate the needs, values and preferences of your loved-one to the medical staff.
  • Furnish your family with a Daily Bedside Journal recording the day's events including medications, nutrition, tests, visitors, etc.
  • Provide personal care and assist with grooming needs.
  • Diligently protect the privacy and safeguard the dignity of your loved-one.
  • Personalize their hospital room with flowers, photographs, etc.
Care Plan Two: Bedside Assistance and Advocacy

Care Plan Two

Bedside Assistance + Advocacy

  • Alert the medical staff to any changes we observe that may indicate a change in your loved-one's medical condition.
  • Question the medical team should concerns arise regarding patient care and safety.
  • Monitor medication delivery, hand washing, IV changes and other potential errors and omissions.
  • Notify you of any marked changes in your loved-one's medical status.
  • Accompany them to diagnostic tests, physical therapy, etc.

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Patient Matters does not provide nursing care, medical advice or make healthcare decisions for you or your loved-one.