Time Magazine asserts in a May 1, 2006 article “until proper safeguards are built into the system, what a patient needs most, many doctors agree, is a sentinel - someone to take notice, to be an advocate, to ask questions.”

The Advantages of a Private Patient Advocate:

Hospitalization, Medications, Medical Crisis, Surgery, Safety


  • You will rest easier knowing that your loved-one's best interests are being served with an on-site advocate asking questions as issues arise.
  • Medication delivery, hand washing, IV changes and other potential medical errors and omissions are being carefully monitored.
  • We develop a personal relationship with your loved-one, providing a safety net to notice any subtle changes that the ever-changing medical staff may overlook.
  • As a second set of eyes and ears in the hospital room, we are alert to any circumstances appearing out of the ordinary.
  • Your loved-one will receive a higher quality of medical care as your concern is reinforced by the presence of a private patient advocate.
Comfort, Compassion, Personal Assistance, Empathy, Companion


  • Your loved-one will have the opportunity to share their worries and concerns with an empathetic companion who can help relieve the feeling of isolation that is common in most hospital stays.
  • Our commitment to protect the privacy and safeguard the dignity of our client reinforces to the hospital staff that your family-member is a unique individual, not only a medical problem to be solved.
  • Knowing that your loved-one has the aide of a personal patient advocate gives you the peace of mind you need to continue with your job, routine and other family and business obligations.
  • The essential matters of personal care will be carefully tended to, providing a compassionate touch not found in today's hectic hospital environment.
  • Your loved-one, who may be sick, fatigued, medicated and in pain will have the security they need to devote their valuable energy to healing and recovery, rather than having to challenge matters of care and treatment.
Communication Link, Liaison, Family Support, Family Assistance


  • You will be notified in real-time with any marked changes in your loved-one's medical status.
  • Patient activity (doctor visits, vital signs, nutrition, etc.) will be documented in your Daily Bedside Journal for you to review and discuss with your loved-one.
  • Our unique role as an unbiased and dependable liaison allows us to piece together scattered information, reducing the chance for confusion and misunderstanding.
  • Your time spent away from the hospital will be less stressful knowing that Patient Matters will speak on behalf of your family's best interests when expectations of care are not being met.
  • With a consistent point of contact you will have a continuity of care and communication that does not exist in today's complex and fragmented hospital system.

Patient Matters is dedicated to providing a compassionate champion for hospitalized patients and their families. By promoting patient safety, ensuring patient dignity and serving each individual with respect, support and understanding, our clients will receive the high quality care they depend upon to advance their healing and recovery.

Patient Matters does not provide nursing care, medical advice or make healthcare decisions for you or your loved-one.