Patient Matters, Diana Biebighauser

If we could be in two places at one time, our loved-ones would not be left alone in their hospital room. Patient Matters will partner with you to be your eyes and ears when time and distance keep you away.- Diana Biebighauser, Patient Matters


My name is Diana Biebighauser and I understand the stress, frustration and confusion that surround a hospital stay.

My commitment and dedication in support of hospitalized patients and their families is a result of my personal ordeals as a patient, and my involvement as I advocated on behalf of my parents, other family members and friends. During these hospitalizations I came to recognize the fundamental need for a bedside advocate as often times,

  • patients are exhausted, medicated and in pain, making it nearly impossible for them to communicate their needs and concerns to the medical staff, and
  • family members are not always available to be with their loved-ones to provide assistance.

This dilemma results in an unhealthy healing environment and puts undo stress on patients and families. I am dedicated to resolving this issue with the expertise that comes from over 35 years as a trained advocate in community and faith based organizations.

Throughout my experiences as an advocate, I have witnessed countless occasions when having an advocate made a positive impact in solving a problem and moving forward to a brighter day. I have also worked as a liaison in senior care and recognize the transforming effects of supportive care-giving and the power a tender touch has to someone who may be suffering and alone.

In addition, I had the opportunity to spend many years as a hospital chaplain volunteer visiting with patients and providing them with the resources they needed to help them through their hospital stay. These hands-on experiences led me to become a proud member of the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants and the American Society of Professionals in Patient Safety.

I look forward to meeting with you for a free consultation to discuss which Care Plan works best for you and your loved-one. My unique perspective, not as a medical professional trapped in hospital protocols, but rather as your personal advocate working solely for you and your loved one, speaks to the heart of Patient Matters, where we are always Focusing on the Patient, not the illness.

Diana Biebighauser

Patient Matters does not provide nursing care, medical advice or make healthcare decisions for you or your loved-one.