Help with Seniors, Help with Elderly, Help with Loved-ones, Help with Family, Compassionate Care

Has your loved-one been diagnosed with a medical condition requiring hospitalization? Are you concerned for their comfort and safety when time and distance keep you away? Patient Matters, serving as your private patient advocate, will work bedside with your loved-one to improve their quality of care, and support your family with the services you need to assist you throughout this challenging time.

Bedside with your loved one, keeping you informed

  • We are there as a watchful advocate for your loved-one's safety, asking the crucial questions regarding care and treatment.
  • We focus our care on the patient, not their illness, tending to the personal matters of care that are often overlooked.
  • We promise to champion the values and protect the privacy and dignity of your loved-one.
  • We will alert you with changes in medical status and other urgent updates.
  • We are your consistent information link, providing you with quality communication.
  • We clearly document the day's events in a Daily Bedside Journal giving you access to the information you need concerning your loved-one.

Professional Patient Advocacy

Professional patient advocacy has become an important component of every hospital stay as studies reveal disturbing facts regarding patient care and safety. With staggering increases in:

  • medication errors
  • hospital acquired infections
  • conflicting information
  • and over-burdened nurses,

it is easy to understand why medical professionals recommend a second set of eyes and ears in the hospital room.

Patient Matters does not provide nursing care, medical advice or make healthcare decisions for you or your loved-one.